Our new 'Rhino' Wall Covering which has revolutionised large format digital print for bespoke printed interior wall decoration. 


Wallscapers 'Rhino' Wall Covering is very durable and has a waterproof surface, suitable for high traffic areas such as schools, hotels, retail, health/leisure clubs and restaurants. Being a very thick heavy duty grade wallcovering it will go over and hide small cracks and slight uneven surfaces well. It has a U/V clear satin protective liquid coating applied after printing. This gives a tough seal to the wallcovering surface making it extremely hardwearing. The protective coating also enhances the printed image. 


The wallcovering can be produced up to 1300mm wide by any length which makes for larger sections when fitting saving time on sizeable walls. It can be overlapped and trimmed creating a perfect butt joint which will not shrink. The recommended paste is a high bonding PVA type which if you decide to remove 'Rhino' Wall Covering at a later date it will come off in one piece, enabling easy graphic removal and changes. It is class '0' fire rated.


The success of the Wall Covering is greatly determined by the image chosen. At Wallscapers we can print either your supplied image or recommend an image library. and are our preferred suppliers offering thousands of high resolution images of all kinds. (All images supplied must be high resolution).




Production of top quality inkjet UV resistant print
on the UK's best dedicated self adhesive amd pre-paste wallpaper.
As well as clear colourfull window films